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The cafeteria onboard M/S Enk?ping offerts, except hot coffe, buns and snacks, lighter hot dishes to our passangers.

The restaurateurs onboard M/S Enk?ping

The restaurateurs Jan and Arnauld are managing the restaurants at M/S Gustaf III, M/S Angantyr and M/S Enk?ping which are owned by Str?mma Turism & Sj?fart AB. They also operate "Ett rum och k?k catering?.

Jan Ingvarsson, chef educated at la Varenne in Paris. He worked with? Michel Rostang in Paris , and Erik Lallerstedt in Stockholm . In 1993 Jan opened the restaurant ?Ett rum och k?k? (One Room and Kitchen) in Stockholm.

Arnauld Eygun, french man, and Swedish resident since 1976. Arnauld is chef educated in Stockholm and worked in France during the years 1986-1990, at l?Amandier i Mougin, Moulin de Mougins and Pavillon d?Elyss? in Paris.
Menu 2006 (Available in spring)

M/S Enk?ping