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Göran Landh and Jesper Taube are managing the restaurant on board M/S Waxholm III.

Göran started his career in the Town Hall restaurant and at "Stallmästargården". He also worked for Scania some years before returning to Stockholm.

Jesper started his career in Gothenburg and later moved to Stockholm, where he worked at prestigious "Erik's". He has also worked as a head-chef on board M/S Gustafsberg VII.
In 1994 the two gentlemen were united on the newly renovated M/S Waxholm III.

Göran and Jesper have an ambition to create the best arrangements, by providing excellent service and delicious food, cooked in a classical way, using only the very best ingredients.

The restaurateurs, Göran Landh & Jesper Taube, wish you welcome onboard!
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