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Restaurateur Not done
Season 29 April – 29 Oct
Dock of departure Stadshusbron
Number of guests
Total on board 285
Dining room, upper deck 72 + 10
Stern lounge Cafeteria
Christmas table/Buffét 80
Travel/Cocktail arrangements   285
Sun deck 60
High chair for children 1
Building year 1901
Lenght 32,8 meters
Beam 5,9 meters
Deep-draught 2,7 meters
Max speed 11 knot
Comfort speed 7 knot
Machine Caterpillar 3412 PLTA JWAC
Width of gang way is 90 cm. Thresholds and stairs on board. No lavatory adapted for disableds.

The ship was built 1901 om Bergsunds shipyard in Stockholm under the name M/S Nya Hillersjö for traffic in lake Mälaren. On the large foredeck prisoners were transported on the way out to the institution of Sartsjöanstalten and returning the foredeck was loaded with the vegetables harvested by the farmers from the district of Mälaren.

Today she is renovated with a large and light dinner room on top deck.

Godfather is prince Carl Philip.

Built on Bergsunds shipyard Stockholm for Hillersjö Ångbåts AB

1901 - 1935
In trafic between Stockholm-Nockeby-Hillersjö-Svartsjö, year 1917 - 1924 for Drottningholm-Fittjabolaget, year 1925-34 for Trafik AB Mälaren-Hjälmaren.

1935 - 1939
In traffic between Stockholm-Uppsala, Västerås and Köping for Rederi AB Mälartrafik.

1939 - 1945
Part of the defens fleet during the years of war.

1945 - 1947

1947 - 1966
In service Göteborg-Hönö in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

1967 - 1969

1969 - 1974
In traffic on lake Mälaren for Trafik AB Mälaren-Hjälmaren.

1974 - 1981
Bought by Strömma Kanalbolaget for traffic between Stockholm-Drottningholm. Re-named to Bayard.

1981 ->
For rent- and tourisn excursions under the name of Prins Carl Philip for Strömma Kanalbolaget.

Restaurateur Jan Ingvarson and Arnauld Eygun
Season 20 May – 20 Aug
Dock of departure Stadshusbron
Number of guests
Total on board 130
Dining room, main deck 50
Christmas table/buffet 0
Travel/cocktail arrangements    130
Sun deck 60
High chair for children 0
Building year 1909
Length 23 meters
Beam 5,4 meters
Deep-draught 2 meters
Max Speed 10 knot
Comfort Speed 6 knot
Machine Caterpillar 3408 TA
Suitable for disableds
Steps down to the boat, lavatory not adapted for disableds.

The vessel was built 1909 in Motala mechanical workshop (as a sister vessel to S/S Drottningholm) to be used as a link between the lake Mälaren and the archipelago.

M/S Angantyr was totally renovated in the end of the19th century and has low free-boards wich gives you a close connection to the surface of the water and from the large sun deck the sight is fantastic.

Built in Motala mechanical workshop for Stockholms Ångslups AB.

1909 - 1940
Operates Stockholm-Essingeöarna and islands on lake Mälarsidan in Stockholm.

1941 - 1948
Operates the south side of the Archipelago such as Möja, Sandhamn, Runmarö, Nämndö and Utö.

1949 - 1953
Operates Årsta Havsbad-Utö on a route called "Utöexpressen".

1953 - 1954

1953 - 1968
Operates traffic in the middle and south side of the archipelago.

1968 - 1978
Opertates Stockholm-Möja and Saxarislands for Waxholms Nya Ångfartygs AB.

1979 - 1983
The vessel was bought by Strömma Kanalbolaget and restored for rental- and tourist traffic.

1983 -2004
The vessels original traffic was re-established when the company Spadab enabled their employees to travel by boat between the Old Town and the island Stora Essingen.

Restaurateur Anne Blomberg
Season 29 April – 10 Sept
Dock of departure Stadshusbron
Number of guests
Total on boars 150
Dining roon, top deck Cafeteria
Dining room, main deck 42
Christmas table/Buffet 60
Travel/Cocktail arrangements   150
Sun deck Ja
High chair for children 0
Building year 1909
Length 22,8 meters
Beam 5,4 meters
Deep-draught 2,1 meters
Max speed 7,5 knot
Comfort speed 5 knot
Machine Motala trippel expansion
Suitable for disableds
Steps to board the vessel and on board. No lavatory adapted for disableds.

This is the only steam ship that Strömma Kanalbolaget has in it´s fleet. The reliable steam engine makes the passage quiet, smooth and comfortable. The ship has low free-boards and the closeness to the water-surface is much appreciated.

The vessel was built 1909 in Motala Shipyard (a sister vessel to M/S Angantyr) consturcted to traffic Lake Mälaren and the inner archipelago.

In the Swedish television series "Saltkråkan" the S/S Drottningholm played a major role. And Princess Christina is her godmother.

Builded in Motala Shipyard for Stockholms Ångslups AB (a sister vessel to M/S Angantyr)

1909 - 1914
Stockholm-South side of Lidingö

1915 - 1917
Reserve boat

1918 - 1951
In traffic for Waxholms Nya Ångfartygs AB.

1952 - 1957
Stockholm-Tegelön-Koviksudde-Östra Tynningö.

1958 - 1963
In traffic for transportation in the inner archipelago.

1963 - 1967
Rented to film TV series as "Saltkråkan".

1964 - 1968
Reservtrefic (owned by Stockholms Ångslups AB).

Re-bought by Waxholms Nya Ångfartygs AB.

1969 - 1980
Bought by Strömma Kanalbolaget as the companies first vessel. Placed to cruise the line Stockholm-Drottningholm as well as available to rent.

1980 - 1982
On May 7th 1980 the vessel was laid waste by fire. Through the years 1980-82 the vessel was restored.

1982 ->
The ship is re-inagurated and again put in traffic between Stockholm-Drottningholm as well as available for rental by Strömma Kanalbolaget.