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Combine the boat cruise to or from Drottningholm with a lunch or dinner on board. This gives you more time while in Drottningholm.

You can also choose to remain on board back and forth to Drottningholm. Allow yourself a relaxing break in a weekday. Embark one of our classical archipelago vessels and join us for a delicious lunch – or dinner cruise. The meals are ofcourse prepared on board. We have a cafeteria on board and a restaurant that holds fully rights.

Enjoy your meal!

Restaurateur on board M/S Prins Carl Philip

The restaurateur duo Peter Karlsson and Fredrik Blomqvist, together with the ship owner Rolf Jägerstig and Per Bengters welcomes you on board M/S Prins Carl Philip.

The food philosophy is based on the Swedish cuisine with inspiration form around the world?s harbours. In the dining room Annelie Westlund, restaurant manager, creates a harmony in a unique environment together with the crew.
The charismatic Captain, as well ass owner, Rolf Jägerstig takes us through lake Mälarens shores as he?s done in many years.

Reastaurateur on board S/S Drottningholm

We who serve you on board the steam ship Drottningholm have many years of experience arrangeing events on board a vessel. We possess genuine knowledge of combining flavours and putting together a well combined menu with suitable wine inspired by the Swedish archipelago.

Anne Blomberg is restaurateur with high knowledge and interest within three areas; food, wine and steam ships having a degree as sommelier.

Chef on board is Kent Svärdman.
Menu 2006

M/S Prins Carl Philip S/S Drottningholm

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