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Combine a boat cruise to or from Vaxholm with a lunch or dinner on board. Saturedays and Sundays we have a brunch buffé from 12pm to 3pm.

Prepare yourself for culinary delights on the waters of the Saltsjön sea as the beautiful S/S Stockholm cruises majestically out from Strandvägen. It is a beautiful boat dating back to the ?30s, with a large and airy dining room.

Our route takes us past small and picturesque archipelago-style cottages, as well as many well-known tourist destinations. The menu on board centres on top-class produce with a Swedish twist and has of course been inspired by the surrounding archipelago! You can choose between a single main dish or a three-course meal.

On board we also have a cafeteria and bar.

Restaurateurs onboard S/S Stockholm

Göran Landh and Jesper Taube with crew welcome you on board. Together they have operated M/S Waxholmm III sice 1994, a vessel owned by Strömma Kanalbolaget. Today they are also in charge of running S/S Stockholm.  

The goals of Göran and Jesper are to create a genuine dinner experience on board. Fine cooking, nice atmosphere and a good service is important for them. For the scheduled traffic such as the brunch cruise and the dinner cruise they would like to recommend the bar.
- The bar is fantastic, the low free-boards of the vessel creates closeness to the water-surface. Imagine spending a lunch, afternoon or dinner here with family and friends.

For more information about our restaurateurs please view the information under M/S Waxholm III. Göran and Jesper are also in charge of the maintanence of the two vessels together with Thomas Hansen and John Berlin, operateurs of the Cinderella boats and M/S Askungen.
Menu 2006

S/S Stockholm
24/6 - 20/8
S/S Stockholm
30/5-22/6 & 22/8-8/9

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