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You will travel through the inner archipelago with the great flagship S/S Stockholm which dates from 1931. On board you can enjoy good food and beverage, take a cup of coffee or just relax on deck. Arriving in Vaxholm you can choose between disembarking at the Vaxholm Citadel (the 12pm tour) or remain onboard and continue to the city.

At the Citadel you can have fun with the treasure hunt behind its walls, towes and cannons with a history that goes back hundreds of years. The treasure hunting is suitable for both children and grown ups. Vaxholm Citadel, now also offers overnight accommodations.

You can also pay a visit to the Vaxholm Citadel Museum, where the exhibit shows the development of the citadel from the time of Gustav Vasa right up to the present day. Please show them your Str?mma boat ticket at the entrance, and you will recieve 50% discount on the entrance fee.

If you would like to visit the town of Vaxholm as well, there are boats taking you over to the harbour of Vaxhlm, departing four times an hour. From there you can also board the boat back to Stockholm in Vaxholm harbour. Vaxholm is known as the archipelago city comprising 112 square meters land and water over 64 islands.

Welcome to Vaxholm and the Citadel!

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