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Restaurateur Not done
Season 29 April – 29 Oct
Dock of departure Stadshusbron
Number of guests
Total on board 285
Dining room, upper deck 72 + 10
Stern lounge Cafeteria
Christmas table/Buff?t 80
Travel/Cocktail arrangements?? 285
Sun deck 60
High chair for children 1
Building year 1901
Lenght 32,8 meters
Beam 5,9 meters
Deep-draught 2,7 meters
Max speed 11 knot
Comfort speed 7 knot
Machine Caterpillar 3412 PLTA JWAC
Width of gang way is 90 cm. Thresholds and stairs on board. No lavatory adapted for disableds.
The ship was built 1901 om Bergsunds shipyard in Stockholm under the name M/S Nya Hillersj? for traffic in lake M?laren. On the large foredeck prisoners were transported on the way out to the institution of Sartsj?anstalten and returning the foredeck was loaded with the vegetables harvested by the farmers from the district of M?laren.

Today she is renovated with a large and light dinner room on top deck.

Godfather is prince Carl Philip.