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Take yourself further out in the archipelago through the fast pace Cinderella vessels. The popular bistro on board presents everything from Hamburgers to fresh sead food depending on the season.

The route varies depending on weather and wind, but we can always garuantee a tempting taste of the archipelago. After darkness we partly lit up the surroundings where we pass.

Welcome on board is the wishes of our chef, Fredrik Ringheim!

Staff onboard M/S Cinderella

Thomas Hansen and John Berlin are in charge of the restaurants as well as the operation of the ships. Thomas and John are both restaurateurs and captains with many years experience of charter in the Stockholm archipelago and in the Mediterranean.

With the assistance of head chef Fredrik we offer an international menu in season with a touch of the archipelago. We always include wine recommendations with our menus.
If you wish, we can also tailor-make your menu.

We work according to our motto: (Almost) Nothing is impossible!

Welcome onboard!
Menu 2007

M/S Cinderella I
11 May - 17 June
M/S Cinderella I
18 July - 19 August
M/S Cinderella I
20 August - 16 September
M/S Cinderella II
11 May -17 June
M/S Cinderella II
18 June - 19 August
M/S Cinderella II
20 August- 16 September

Dinner Cruise Menu

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