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Tickets to

? Drottningholm at the ticket both in Stadshusbron.

? Fj?derholmarna and the Archepelago Tour with Guide, at the ticket both in Nybrokajen.

? Birka, Sigtuna, Vaxholm, Sandhamn, Gustavsberg and the Cinderella boats on board.
? Birka from V?ster?s are booked in advance at V?ster?s Turistbyr?, phone +46-(0) 21-39 01 00.
? Birka from Str?ngn?s are booked in advance at Str?ngn?s Turistbyr?, phone +46-(0) 152-296 94.
? Birka from S?dert?lje are booked in advance at S?dert?lje Turistbyr?, phone +46-(0) 8-550?227 00.
? Birka from H?rjar? are sold on board or purchased in advanced, phone +46 .

? Gift vouchers are sold at the ticket both in Stadshusbron, Nybrokajen and in the head office at Skeppsbron 22, Gamla Stan.

? Lunch and dinner cruises should be pre booked, regardless the number of guests.
Phone +46-(0)8-587 140 00 or email .

? Groups? minimum of 20 people should pre book for day excursions.
Phone +46-(0)8-587?140 00 or email .

? Grups?of less than 20 people can pre book for a booking fee of 100SEK.
Phone +46-(0)8- 587?140 00 or email .