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Relax on your lunch time, and enjoy well cocked food on board made from the very best food suppliers. The view over the leafy seashores contributes to the peaceful atmosphere.

The boat trip takes two hours round trip from and to Stadshuskajen via Drottnigholm. You will travel with M/S Prins Carl Philip build 1901, or with the steam ship Drottningholm from the 1909.

Combine the lunch with a visit at Drottningholm by visit the Palace or a leisurely walk in the park.? The tour suits both a business lunch with the company, or for a private meeting.

Choose from the ship's a la carte meny, or pre book our valuable M?larlunch – business lunch by the sea.

Entr?e, main course and dessert for 280 SEK incl. vat.
On the this cruise you travel with
M/S Prins Carl philip S/S Drottningholm

On this cruise we offer
Food World
Tidtabell/Timetable 2008

Pris/Price 2008

Drottningholm Tur och Retur/Return ticket SEK 130
Drottningholm Enkel/One way SEK 100
? la carte ombord/? la carte on board

M?larlunch - Turistlunch inkl. ToR biljett/Tourist lunch incl. Return ticket SEK 330

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