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A thousand islands in one cruise! Welcome to a true full-day excursion in the Stockholm archipelago. This is the most appreciated way to see and show Stockholm?s unique archipelago. Take your family and friends on the cruise or give away a good experience as a birthday present.

On board the vessel M/S Waxholm III, you can enjoy delicious meals and a stunning view of glittering bays, small rocky islands and green-shimmering skerries. And it?s all included in the price!

There is time to see both the inner and the outer archipelago, and to stop at the islands of Kymmend?, Buller? and Sandhamn. The on-board guide will tell you all about the Stockholm archipelago – a place unlike anywhere else in the world.
You travel with
M/S Waxholm III

On this excursion we offer
Food Snack Guide Reser-
Tidtabell/Timetable 2008

Pris/Price 2008

? Kryssning inkl kaffe, lunchbuff?, drink, tv?r?ttersmiddag och guidning
? Guided cruise incl coffee, lunch buffet, a drink and two course dinner.

SEK 995
? Kryssning inkl kaffe, lunchbuff?, husmanskostmiddag och guidning
? Guided cruise incl coffee, lunch buffet and dinner
SEK 870

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