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You will cruise on the calm Lake Mälaren , in a turn of the century ship; M/S Carl Philip, M/S Angantyr or S/S Drottningholm. On board you can enjoy delicious food and beverage in the a la Carte restaurant, or have a hot cup of coffe on the aft deck.

Arriving at Drottningholm Palace, you will be welcomed by strong cultural Swedish history. The majestic garden, Royal Theatre, and a Chinese Pavillion each part a peace of art it self. Guided tours in english and swedish are available both inside the buildings and outside in the garden.

Drottningholm is one of the Swedish contributions to the World Heritage List and the home of the royal family.

Recommended is to buy the combined ticket which includes the boat trip, entrence to Drottningholm Palace and the Chinese Pavillion.
You travel with

M/S Prins Carl Philip M/S Angantyr S/S Drottningholm

On this excursion we offer

Food Snack Guide World
Tidtabell/Timetable 2008

Pris/Price Drottningholm 2008

Båtresa/ Boattrip, round trip SEK 140
One way SEK 105

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